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The New Way to Decorate the Nursery & Kids' Bedroom with Vinyl Wall Decals

Turn your Walls into a piece of Art

When you are decorating your house,the nursery and kids' bedroom, do you know about the vinyl wall art decals? It is one of the most popular ways of decorating the house nowadays. As we all know, most of our walls are single colors like white, blue or pink. However, these monotonous wall colors will cause visual fatigue after seeing for a long time. Since our home is the harbor of our heart, it is necessary for us to make it much warmer and comfortable to live in. Using removable vinyl wall stickers is definitely your best choice.

The general material of removable nursery and kids wall decals is vinyl. It is one of the alkenyl functional groups. One example in the industry is precursor to PVC, vinyl chloride and a plastic which is commonly known as vinyl. It is widely used in our daily stuff and we only use the best and green materials, so you dont need to worry if it is harmful to us.It is safe for our nursery and kids bedroom to use nursery tree wall stickers.

Many other wallpapers, not like wall stickers (also called wall tattoos, wall clings, or wall appliques) require some pasting tools such as glue or adhesive tape. However, when applying our kids and nursery wall stickers, there is no need to use any tools but your fingers. With the advantage of being self-adhesive, just peel off the decals and stick it on the walls and enjoy your work.  Whats more, our wall art decals are removable and won't harm your walls. If you want to change it for another decal, just peel it off. Don't worry it will damage your wall surface. There will be nothing left on the wall.

Various Styles
Since wall decor decals are innovative and individual, we have designed plenty of patterns of wall decals for you, and you can search them on our website according to the categories. For example, we plan a category of nursery wall decals especially for children, boys, girls and kids, which contain growth chart, black chalkboard, alphabet stickers, jungle zoo, moon fairy, trees, flowers, butterflies, elephant, palm tree, football, pirate, dinosaur, cherry blossom, monkey, disney princess, bird, world map, graffiti, train, cloud, rainbow, music, safari, robot, rocket, height chart, polka dots, owls, spiderman, nature, glow in the dark, aeroplane wall sticker as well as photo frame. Also, Wall quotes and sayings are one of our top sales too. Some inspirational quote decals on the wall are partly a kind of reminder for you to live a meaningful life or cherish the time. Not only can our nursery and kids stickers be used on the walls, but they can also be pasted on the windows or furniture. You can use it on any smooth surface as you like.

So if you are to decorate your kids and nursery bedroom, what are you waiting for? Just browse our website and pick up some decals you like. At we have been supplying high quality tree vinyl wall art decals & removable tree wall stickers since 2008. We promise you will never be regretful for buying them but just be sorry for not decorating your house with them earlier. We are glad to annouce our new vinyl wall decals canada website's launch.

A Colorful Tree and Animals - Nursery and Kids Wall Stickers
This decal is our best selling, It is the favorite design of the kids.      ..
$100.0 $65.0
Create Your Own Quote
Let us know what you want, and we will make it. If you need it changed, we will make all..
Owls Standing in the Tree Kindergarten Kids Wall Art Decals
Size: 55*100cm This decal is best used for kids. You can paste it in their bedroom or in the kind..
Pretty Tree Pink Flowers
  This beautiful flowering tree wall decal is here with a dark brown trunk,  pale pink ..
$51.0 $39.0
Green Tree Colorful  Butterfly Vinyl Wall Art Stickers
Be one with nature Have you ever imagined having a tree in the middle of your living room? Now yo..
Evolution of Human Beings Vinyl Wall Stickers
  Size: Approx. 110*65cm This is a decal reflects the revolution of human beings. FEAT..
Wall Decals of Black Electric Wires and Birds
  Size: 98"*79" / 250*200cm   Feature: - Easy to use, "Just Peel & St..
$82.0 $55.0
Cartoon Bird and House Fence
Size: Approx. 140*120cm There are cartoon birds and house fence on the decals.   Featu..
$46.0 $39.0
English Style Big Ben Bus
  Size: 85*70cm This decal is about English style with the famous Big Ben, bus and Englis..
$72.0 $39.0
Black Photo Frame
  Size: 118*66cm (46" x 26")   Feature: - Easy to use, "Just Peel &a..
$66.0 $49.0
Memories of Trees Covered Photo Frame Wall Stickers
  Tree Size: 100*70inches / 250*180cm     This is the larger size, and al..
$139.0 $86.0
Black Chalkboard for Kids and Family - Writing Board
Size:45 x 200cm (18IN. X 80IN.) Stay organized with the help of this chalkboard wall calendar. Th..
Zebra Words
Size: 90*85cm This is a decal involved a zebra and some words. The animal pattern decals will add..
Tree Squirrels Foxes Owls Growth Chart - Kids & Nursery Wall Decals
  Size: 180*185cm This decal is a kind of growth chart in a tree shape with many animal..
Chinese Panda Eating Bamboo Wall Art Decals
Size: 90*100cm This decal contains two Chinese lovely pandas that are eating bamboos. FEA..
$49.0 $34.0
House Real Hugs Fun Quote
Let's do real in our house. This wall decal is one of those products you walk into a room and see..
$70.0 $58.0
Circles and Dots Vinyl Wall Art Stickers
This simple decal is our best selling! These Retro Rings and Dots Wall Decals are simple, fu..
$46.0 $28.0
Creativity Quote
Cheer up to open your mind and expand your imagination. This decal would be great in a kids room..
Read and Learn Dr. Seuss Quote Wall Stickers
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you..
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
Life is not about finding or creating  yourself, sometimes you need to be yourself. You are..
Growth Chart Height Measurement Nursery & Kids Vinyl Wall Decals
  Size: cm This is a kind of growth chart of height measurement. Puting it on your childr..
This decal involves some reed that reflect the beauty of autumn. Size: 170*110cm   F..
Leaves Flowers Bicycle Love Joy Vinyl Wall Art Decals
Size: 100*80cm This decal contains a bicycle that carrying many flowers and green leaves. Some ..
Purple Moon Fairy Star
  Size: 90*70cm This decal is a fairy sitting on the moon and sowing magic stars to ..
Glow In The Dark Star Wall Art Decals
   It adsorbs light and glows in the darkness.Ideal for applying on doors,lamps,househo..
World Map Wall Sticker
This map is the beginning of your World Travel.     SIZE:  41*30inches/105cm..
$125.0 $95.0
A Chinese Style Sticker Tree Branches and Birds  Decals
Size: 60*60 inches     This is a kind of Chinese style decal with Branches C..
Size: Approx. 100*100cm It is a decal about the Buddha. Feature: - Easy to use, "Just Pe..
Audrey Hepburn's Charming Eyes Vinyl Wall Art Decals
This decal is about Audrey Hepburn's charming eyes and words.  This decal is so charm..
$60.0 $48.0
Colorful Tree Cute Owls Friends Vinyl Wall Art Stickers
This Decal is the most adorable one for your kids. These cute owls and their friends are wai..
Ballet Dancer
Size: 130*105cm (51" x 41") This decal shows some ballet dancers are dancing on the wall. ..
We are the Champions Football
  Size: 60*80cm This decal is one of a best choice for those who love football very much...
$51.0 $38.0
Quotes Wall Stickers Birds and Branches
This Wall Decal is perfect for your home.   Happiness is being home again.   T..
Tree Branches Photo Frame Vinyl Wall Art Stickers
  Size: 47"*67" / 120*170cm This is a photo frame wall sticker with many branches..
$72.0 $48.0
Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Vinyl Wall Art Decals
  Size: 100*80cm This decal contains some gold chrysanthemum flowers that will add y..
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